How To Write a Business Case Study

How To Write a Business Case Study

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All freelance writers are the same I believe.

We all look for new opportunities for work in order to make more money. 

If that’s the case then you must’ve heard about case studies.

Case studies can be highly profitable, as they are highly technical.

If you still don’t know what case studies are, then they are a technical copy that tells the story of how business helps customers reach their goals.

But, it’s not as easy as you think. Writing a business case study is very complicated, it’s different than any other form of copy you know including blog posts & eBooks.

So, forget about the writing style you always use, it won’t work with case studies.

That’s why I created this thorough guide for you.

It’ll help you learn how to write an effective case study and it’ll help you impress your clients. 

But before I do, I’m going to go through what a case study is, how to research it, and how to write one. 

That’s how you’ll be able to perfect yours. So, are you ready?

What’s A Business Case Study

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new freelance writer or an experienced one, case studies can be easily written once you get the trick.

I’ve written my first case study for a client, even though I’ve never written one before, and it impressed the hell out of them.

Adding a case study to your portfolio will help you land more high-paying gigs and will make you look like an expert in your niche.

So, all in all, what are case studies? 

Case studies are a copy that explains thoroughly how the business from point A to point B.

They’re void of emotions and should look completely natural.

They’re full of statistics, include hard facts, and so on.

In order to write a business case study, you’ll have to conduct a list of interviews and research as they’ll enable you to provide hard facts and real statistics.

That’s why case studies require more research than your normal piece of content.

They’ll cost hours or weeks of your time at a time in order to be finished.

So, that means you’re going to have to combine your art of storytelling, with your research power.

That’s how your clients are going to be impressed. 

If you can’t combine the two, your client won’t be able to use it to advertise your business, and it won’t be worth anything. 

Now as a beginner writer, you might think that case studies and white papers are the same thing.

But they’re not. I know, they are both research-driven and are highly-statistical, but they’re very different.

The difference is that case studies are created by doing a lot of interviews and after long hours of speaking with clients.

White papers just talk about a new feature that a business has created and don’t require any interviews. 

Case studies make your client look customer-oriented and prove their value.

Whitepapers just describe a feature of their business.

Case studies are highly valuable and businesses pay a lot of money for them. Why?

Because a lot of work is getting poured into them. So, a case study will usually cost a client between $500 to even $2000.

It may cost more if the case study is too long, or if there has been a lot of interviews conducted. 

How To Write A Business Case Study

Now that we’ve seen what case studies are, it’s time to understand how you can write one.

Case studies can be broken down into a set of steps. And here they are:


Your case study should always start with an introduction.

The introduction should explain who your client is, what their business does, talk about their brand, their industry, and offer any other information that might be relevant.

Once that’s done, you should start talking about what makes your client different.

Their story, their values, their unique selling point, and anything else that can put them in a good place.

Make sure to keep the tone as unbiased as possible.

And finish off the introduction with the problem that your client is giving a solution to, and how a lot of customers suffer from it and relate to it. 


Once you finish the introduction, it’s time to move on to the challenges.

Here, you should be talking about all the pain points and struggles customers face with a certain issue, and ho the client came up with the solution.

Explain the struggles in detail by talking about how it developed, if it existed from a long time ago or if it’s a recent thing, the reasons why it appeared and so on.

Talk about how the customers imagine the solution to be, how they want to be solved, and how they found your client.

The Solution

Upon doing this, make sure to slowly change the subject from customers to your own clients.

Talk about their goals, how they came up with the solution, what drove them to it, and the results that they created.

This part is where you can make your client look good without having to be worried.

You can talk about all the amazing results, the features the product/service has, how it provides the perfect solution to the customers’ struggle, and so on.

Make sure to detail this part as much as possible because it’s what this case study is all about.

The Results

Case studies are a great advertising technique for your client, and the only way they’ll be able to get more clients is by making the client look good.

Talk about the whole process, from when the product was a simple idea, and how it came to life. 

The motivations, the struggles, the good and the bad, but mostly the good.

That’s the only way you’ll seem unbiased, and you’ll seem as if you’re creating a genuine case study.

It’s time to be as precise as possible here.

You need to talk about statistics.

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You can talk about the client’s progress, the customer’s results in detail.

Reinforce your statements with graphs and statistics, talk about the benefits that the product offers to its customers and why they’re using it instead of another product.

If the product has short and long-term benefits, then include them in the case study. Make sure to highlight that some of these benefits appear on the short-term, and the other ones, in the long run.

And finally, speak about the relationship between your client and their customers. 

All About “How to Write A Business Case Study”

These are the main steps of how to write a business case study.

What’s left for you is to conduct the interviews, create the graphs, come up with a template, and finally combine all of this.

Identifying as a case study writer will help you make a lot of money, and will make you become an expert.

That’s why I personally went for case studies.

So, make sure to learn the necessary tricks, pin my pins, and subscribe to my newsletter.

Now go and make some money!

Lots of love!

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