Freelance Writer Requirements

Freelance Writer Requirements

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Becoming a freelance writer isn’t easy..

As you see, there are some unspoken freelance writer requirements.

But today, I decided to share with you these requirements in order to become a freelance writer.

Successful freelance writers don’t really share their secrets, do they?

Well, that’s okay.

Because you don’t really need them to share their secrets in order to become like them.

As I said before, there are some requirements when it comes to freelance writing.

But, what nobody tells you is that these requirements are more or less related to your personality.

They have nothing to do with your talent or with your knowledge.

They are 100% related to who you are as a person.

Unfortunately, I found this quite later in life.

I thought that becoming a freelance writer was a piece of cake.

I didn’t have to have any experience or any personality or any touch.

But, as I’ve grown, I slowly learned that there are some things that all successful writers share.

These things are usually developed through experience.

But, that doesn’t mean you can start working on them since day 1 or day 0.

So, without any further ado, here are the requirements.

Freelance Writer Requirements 

There are some certain unspoken rules for freelance writers and they are:

Love Of Learning

As I said before, these freelance writer requirements are more or less related to you.

So, that’s why the first requirement is love of learning.

In order to become a freelance writer, there are some things you should know.

There are so many types of freelance writings and niches out there.

At first, I didn’t even know what a niche is.

I didn’t know what writing types were there, and what niches were.

But, I had a love of learning.

I wanted to learn everything, and learn anything that could’ve made me a better writer.

One day, I applied for a job and the client told me if I knew what “SEO” was?

And naïve that I was, I said “No.”.

And even though I had the experience, I had the talent, and I had everything she looked for, she didn’t hire me.

Because I simply didn’t know what SEO was.

Because of that, I kept looking for what SEO was, learned keyword research, keyword implementing, and so on.

I kept learning the tips and hacks and finally was able to call myself an SEO writer a year later.

And that’s why I said that the love of learning is important.

It helps you become a better writer and a better person.

So, don’t hesitate to make the first move and learn anything that you think would come in handy for your career.

Taking Risks Is Important

Just because you can work from home doesn’t mean that freelance writing is free of risks.

Freelance writing is related to a lot of risks.

The first risk is letting go of your offline job and choose freelance writing instead.

This means that you’ll have to let go of a consistent flow of income and a steady job and opt for an inconsistent flow of income and unsteady job.

Freelance writing can be very fun and very lucrative.

But, if there is one thing for sure, then it’s that rare are the people who start to make a lot of money from their first months.

I didn’t make a lot of money when I was a beginner.

I barely made $100 the first month.

I didn’t get hired much, and those who hired me paid peanuts.

So, as a writer, I had to take risks of no longer accepting “ a lot “ of jobs who paid peanuts and opt for accepting “high-quality” jobs that come only once in a while.

But that’s completely okay because risks are a part of freelance writing.

So, if you’re a risk-taker, then you’ll certainly find success, if not, then your success will be quite slow.

You Need To Invest in Yourself

As a freelance writer, you need to invest in yourself first.

It’s one of the most important freelance writer requirements.

You see, you always need to find new ways to improve yourself, and find things that can help you grow.

When I was a beginner, I didn’t invest myself that much.

I didn’t look for courses, I didn’t look for things that made me better, and I just wanted to stay where I was.

But, when I look at other freelance writers that were succeeding, I found out that they were all investing in themselves. 

They were all looking for courses, for information, for tips, and for so many other things that helped them grow.

And that’s when I decided to invest in myself.

I took courses in SEO, I took courses in digital marketing, and I took courses in writing.

I looked for anything that helped me grow myself, and that’s when I noticed the jobs pouring down on me.

Be Curious

Curiosity killed the cat, right? 

But did you know that satisfaction brought him back?

That’s what this is about.

Curiosity is great and is very fulfilling especially if you’re a writer.

This works especially for news writers.

As a writer, you’ll need to be always on the lookout for new hacks, tips, or information when it comes to your niche.

You’ll need to ask questions, to explore, and to find out the right practices done out there.

I always asked questions, and I still always ask questions up until now.

Accept Failure

I just want to get this straight, you will fail.

I failed, he failed, and every one failed.

You’ll fail once, maybe twice, maybe even more, but you’ll finally succeed.

You’ll finally find out what you’re good at, and what works for you.

When I started writing, I had clients talk sh*t about my writing all the time.

“It’s too bland” 

“It’s not professional”

“You call this writing?”

“This isn’t even worth 1 cent”

And so on.

I took a lot of sh*t, but it was okay.

I learned to accept the criticism, the good and the bad, and embrace it.

I learned from every critique, from every insult, and from every compliment.

And then, I slowly worked myself to the top, took better jobs, and got better pay.

It all happened because I was able to take the criticism, embrace it, and accept failure.

Failure can come in many forms, in marketing, in writing, in being yourself, and so many other things.

But, what’s important is to stay true to yourself and always thrive for more.

Because, no matter what things other people say, they won’t get to you unless you give them the option to.

That’s why, be calm, be accepting, and be embracive.

All About Freelance Writer Requirements

You don’t have to be an extrovert to become a writer.

And you also don’t need to become an introvert to become a writer.

You just need to always be on the lookout for opportunities and for ways to improve yourself.

Nothing comes off easy in life, everything needs efforts, and everything needs patience.

That’s why you have to stick through it all, stand still and straight, and accept the wave.

Learn how to swim with these freelance writer requirements, because thanks to them, your ship won’t sink.

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