6 Tips to Make $3,000 a Month Freelance Writing

6 Tips to Make $3,000 a Month Freelance Writing

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Do you want to become a writer? Do you want to make money freelance writing?

Then you’re in the right place. I’ve been a freelance writer for 3 years now and can live off my writing without leaving my bed. 

Not only this but a lot of people who I’ve helped were able to quit their jobs and start their writing career. 

Before I started freelancing, it was actually mind-boggling to me how people made money online and didn’t have to work elsewhere.

I couldn’t believe it until I’ve tried it. 

And if only I have started sooner, I would’ve probably become a millionnaire.

Working at home is amazing, you get to stay in your pajamas, lay whenever you want to, live stress-free, and work whenever you want to.

What’s great about freelance writing, is that you don’t have to stick to a schedule.

You can write whenever, and also, wherever. Is that what you want? 

You’ll never have to waste your money on expensive work outfits, taxis and so on. You can even save enough to buy your first apartment or house! 

I honestly see nothing better. 

So, if you want to make $3000 a month or more from freelance writing, all you have to do is follow these tips! 

You might think that some of these tips are quite obvious, but if you’re still not making $3000 a month or more, it’s because you’re not doing them. 

Improve Your Writing Skills

You see, I did say that some of these tips would be obvious, and this is one of them. But trust me, it’s important to read what I’m about to say.

Improving your writing skills will enable you to land high-paying clients in a click of a finger. Why? Because your writing will be worth it.

It’s okay to get paid $50 a blog post, I used to make it as well. But I no longer do. Can you believe that I started with a rate of $0.01 a word?

Even I can’t believe it. But what I did to improve my rates is to improve my writing skills. I used to write every day, read every day, listen to podcasts every day, and my writing improved slowly. 

I learned SEO writing, I learned keyword research, I learned to write long-format blog posts, and I’ve learned to add facts, links, pictures, and so on.

Once you learn all of this, your client would pay even $1000 for your article, because you’ll deserve it. 

Work On Your Portfolio 

Another thing I’ve learned in these three years and that cost me high-paying gigs and jobs at first, is that I need a portfolio.

Portfolios are extremely important. Whether you realize it or not. A portfolio helps you look more credible and more professional in the eyes of a client, it says that you know what you do.

And that’s exactly the impression that you need to look for. You can build your portfolio easily, either from scratch by writing different articles yourself, or by pitching ideas of articles to magazines and blogs online.

You can then create a portfolio website or a google doc with those articles, and start pitching the link to the client.

Always look for jobs

It doesn’t matter if you’re comfortable with your job or not, you should always keep looking for jobs. 

Why? Because as fun and as comfortable freelance writing is, it’s not consistent. That means you can lose a client at any time. 

So, the only way to keep a consistent income is to always look for new jobs. This will help you find better-paying jobs, and even minimize your workload.

I personally still apply for new jobs whenever I can, and whenever I have to. I look for jobs almost everywhere, from LinkedIn to Facebook. 

This helps me keep a consistent income, and enjoy my time. Just recently a client of mine stopped giving me the same workload as before, which made me look for another job to be able to cover the income gap that would’ve happened.

Concentrate on one niche

A lot of new writers make this mistake, and I don’t blame them, I myself have been there & done that.

So, what is this mistake? It’s simply not concentrating on one niche. Being a general content writer is very hard, and most importantly, it doesn’t help you improve.

Why is that? Because you’ll have to keep learning about new topics every time, for a rate that is too low.

It’s brain-draining, and it’s exhausting. It happened to me, and it’ll happen to you too if you don’t concentrate on one niche.

When I first started, I had to write in travel, finance, crypto, art, and so much more. But the only two niches that I actually liked were finance & marketing. 

These two helped me become more specific, and offer the rates that I want. You can do that as well!  

How about getting my freebies😉

Organize Your Time

If you’re able to organize your time, you’ll find out one thing, and it’s that you’re more efficient. 

Time-organization is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was so disorganized that I found time to do nothing! 

But after I started freelancing, I knew I had to sacrifice a lot of things and organize a lot of things in order to make this work.

When I started freelancing, I was a full-time college student, and now that I’m writing this, I’m finally in my last year of Master. 

I’m doing my internship from 8 am to  5 pm, and once I come back home, I start writing for my blog & clients. I have until 12 pm to finish everything I have to do.

If it weren’t for time-organization, I would’ve gone mad. 


It’s important to know that some people just don’t know they need writers to help them out. But with your help, they can.

That’s why you need to start cold-pitching. Cold-pitching will help you get into contact with a lot of people including bloggers or agencies who just might need your help.

Don’t wait for them until they create the job offer, create the job offer yourself by pitching to them first.

You’ll find out that this is the best way to look for high-paying jobs! 

Make $3,000 or More As a Freelance Writer

I hope I made this guide as easy as possible and showed you all the things there are to learn about freelance writing.

Freelance writing is very profitable, and a viable way to make income! 

I hope I showed you how writers make $3000 a month, and how you can do it as well.

If you’ve got any other tips, then you’re welcome to share them in the comments! 

And remember to subscribe to my newsletter! 

Lots of love! 

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