10 Websites that Pay Up to $700 For a Blog Post

10 Websites that Pay Up to $700 For a Blog Post

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Are you about to start a blog? Well, welcome to the club! 

I’ve started my blog not too long ago and all I can say is the journey is extremely interesting. 

I’ve started a blog back in 2019, and I, unfortunately, didn’t have the stamina to blog every month or follow a schedule so I shut it down in the end.

The first question that pops through everyone’s mind when starting a blog is how to make money.

And that’s a very relevant question. 

There are a lot of ways that you can use to monetize your blog, but they all take a lot of time.

But, there is a faster and easier way of how to make money online with a blog post.

How? It’s obviously, getting paid to blog.

If you’re a freelance writer, then you already know what I’m talking about. 

As a freelance writer, getting paid to blog is one of the most common jobs I get, and it’s freaking awesome.

All of my jobs include blog writing, and it’s not only amazing, but it’s also a blessing. 

A lot of bloggers I know have made money with blog posts even though they’re not professional writers.

So, you don’t have to worry about not being a professional, you just have to willing to write the blog post and send it.

To help you get started, I piled up a list of blogs and websites that will pay you a great deal of money for a blog post.

Posting blogs on other websites is also considered guest blogging if they give a link back to your website.

So, some of these websites will help you out in SEO terms, and financially as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Oh right, for my list! 

Websites That Pay For A Blog Post


Craked is an online platform that handles topics about cultures and movies which is quite an interesting niche.

Cracked says on their website that they pay good writers for their blog posts, and it’s been said that the payment is $100 per piece.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if that is true or not. And, Cracked doesn’t specify that either, they also don’t say what their criteria are of a good writer.

If you want to write for them, then you’ll have to check out their website to see what kind of content they post.

Better Humans 

Better Humans is a publication/online magazine that shares all kinds of tips about self-improvement, self-love, motivation, philosophy, and other related topics.

Better humans actually pay very well for submissions with a flat rate of $500. How awesome is that?

But, you must be willing to invest the time to find the right topics to post. So, make sure to read their blog posts very well in order to find the right content. 


If you’re a parent, then say hi to your new favorite magazine, Motherly. 

Motherly is a parenting magazine that shares all kinds of parenting stories and tips with parents out there. 

If you’re a parent and have funny parenting stories or influencing ones, then share them with Motherly. 

Like all previous magazines, you should read Motherly’s blog posts thoroughly. This way you can send a post and be sure that it’ll get posted. 


Here’s another magazine that will pay you some great money, for your submissions. 

RankPay is a magazine that will pay you for posts about SEO and how to rank better on social media. 

If you know what SEO is, what its principles, how people can rank better and improve their domain authority, then you should choose RankPay.

They usually pay about $50 for each accepted blog post. It may not be a lot, but it’s something.

Funds For Writers

If you’re a freelance writer or know how to freelance writing, then you should try Funds for Writers, it’s an online magazine that accepts blog posts on how to make money writing.

You should know that they only accept original pieces or reprints. They’ll pay you $50 for an original piece, or $15 if it’s a reprint.

Take a look at the pieces they share to get an idea of the type of content you should share. 

B Michelle Pippin

B Michelle Pippin is a website that is dedicated to women who own small businesses and want to succeed.

So, if you’re a woman who has a small business and has ideas on how to manage it and make some profits, B Michelle Pippin is waiting for you.

They pay around $50 to $150 per piece, and they’ll only accept blog posts that are helpful. So, make sure to read their guidelines and get an idea of the kind of content they post. 

Carve Magazine

If you like fiction writing and know how to get the creativity flowing, then you should try Carve Magazine.

It’s a publication specialized in fictional stories and fiction writing. It pays around $100 for fictional stories, but there is a fee of $3 for submission.

But, you can always send your content for free through email. So, what’s it going to be?

The Write Life 

This magazine is dear to my heart because it has helped me learn so many things about blogging & freelancing that I never knew before.

The write life shares all kinds of topics related to freelance writing & blogging and pays around $75 for the article.

If you’ve got experience with writing or blogging, then go ahead and share it. 

Make A Living Writing

If you love writing and want to share all your tips about writing & blogging, freelance writing, fiction writing, and so on. 

Make A Living Writing pays around $75 to $150 per blog post and will only accept high-quality submissions. 

Make sure to give their guidelines a read before you try to submit! 

Great Escape

If you love to travel, and want to get paid to write about travel, then give Great Escape a look. 

You can write all about your travel destinations, share travel tips, talk about being a travel blogger, and so on.

Great Escape usually pays around $50 to $75 per article, $150 to $200 for detailed ones about how to make an income, and $100 to $150 for interviews and personal stories.

All About Websites That Pay For A Blog Post 

Here I shared all my tips on how to make money with a blog post and where to find magazines that will pay you.

So, which one do you like best?

Let me know in the comments.

And remember to subscribe to my newsletter! 

Lots of love!

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