What to Do When Your Blog Traffic Goes Down

What to Do When Your Blog Traffic Goes Down

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So, you’ve started a blog recently, and got the traffic of your dreams.

Every day your blog is increasing in traffic, you can’t be happier, you’ve never imaged it to be like this.

That was until THAT. 

Yes, that. You know what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about your traffic going down. Your traffic suddenly went down, and what you’re getting this month isn’t even half the traffic you got last month. 

Why is that?

You did everything the way you always did. You posted the same way you always did. And you promoted your content the same way you always did.

When I started my first blog, I noticed that my traffic spiked down at once, I had a huge dip in traffic even though I didn’t change anything about strategy. 

So, in order to help you out, I’m going to list down a few reasons why your blog traffic must be going down, and how to fix it. 

Why Your Blog Traffic is Going Down

There are a lot of reasons why your traffic is going down, and here they are: 


If your audience is from the US or China, then there are sometimes extended holidays where your audience won’t be as active and won’t be able to read what you post.

Weekends, summer, Independence Day, new year, and all that are periods where all blogs suffer from a drop in traffic. 

Unless you’re a blog that is concentrated mainly on gift ideas and so on, then it’s normal to notice a drop in traffic in these periods.

Seasonal Fluctuations

If you didn’t notice by yourself, then here’s a revelation. Seasons can cause your traffic to fluctuate. 

Seasonal fluctuations are a real thing and they can make your blog suffer, tremendously, especially when it’s summer.

Everyone agrees that summer is the worst season for bloggers and they all call it summer slump. People don’t go online much in the summer, there are just so many things to do.

If you’ve got a blog for moms, then your drop might be worse than that of other bloggers. The reason why is moms are usually very busy in the summer. 

They just have so much to do, their children are on vacation, and a lot of things are going on that stop them from going online.

If you, on the other hand, suffer from a drop in the fall or winter, then maybe it’s because your blog is mainly focused on summer activities like sailing, and vacationing. 

If you blog in niches like camping, gardening, home décor, and so on, then our “summer slump”, will be for you, a “winter slump”.

And it’s okay. It’s only seasonal.

Social Media Algorithms Updates

If you use social media as your main way to promote your website a notice a drop in your reach, then that’s the reason why you got a drop in traffic on your blog.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter always change their algorithm because a lot of people hack it and find out how to cheat it.

So, in order to stop people from cheating it, they always change their algorithms. And each time they change their algorithm, you’ll notice that your reach suddenly dropped. 

The same rule goes for Pinterest, and Google as well.

Both of these search engines update their algorithms all the time because they’re afraid people will cheat it and so, they make changes that eventually affect your blog’s traffic. 

How To Save Your Dying Blog


We’ve taken a look at all the plausible and possible reasons why your blog suddenly had a drop in traffic even though you haven’t changed anything about your tactics.

So, let’s see now how you can fix it. 

Don’t Do Anything

Now you’re probably thinking that I’m bluffing. 

Well, I’m not. 

The best thing you can do when your traffic goes down is to do anything and just wait it out. 

Nothing, at all.

Give it a couple of weeks to see if this change in the algorithm or seasonal fluctuation will cause a short-term change or a long-term one.

If it’s social media we’re talking about, then wait it out for a couple of weeks.

If it’s Google we’re talking about, then just wait it out as long as you need because eventually, your blog will rank back the way it was ranking.

If you wait it out and nothing happens, then see if other bloggers are having the same problem and if it got solved for them. 

If not, then this means this is a permanent and long-term change for which you have to adapt your strategy.

Optimize Your Pinterest/ Social Media

If the change is on social media and is a permanent one, then you’ll have to optimize your social media or Pinterest profile.

Start by using hashtags and keywords in what you’re posting to reach more people and make your posts SEO-friendly.

For your Pinterest boards, use keywords and hashtags as well, and every pin you make should have a great title and a great description.

Optimize your Pinterest profile and include keywords in your title and profile description and make it clear what you do.

Start A Challenge

One of the things that has helped me with my traffic drop in my first blog was actually a challenge. I did a 30-day blog post challenge where I had to post every day for 30 days straight.

At first, I didn’t notice a change, but after 15 days, my traffic went UP and my ranking did too. 

With challenges, you help your blog get more traffic and you also get to become more creative.

You get to do a lot of things you weren’t motivated to do before, and you can even become more popular if other bloggers join the challenge.

So, it’s a win-win situation. Here are examples of challenges you can do:

  • Post every day for 30 days straight
  • Create 3 pins for each blog post 
  • Create a roundup for 14 days straight 
  • Share tips in a certain topic for a number of days 

Guest Posting

One of many things that help me each time my traffic goes down is guest posting without a doubt. 

Guest posting helps bring other people from other blogs to your blog, and thus increase traffic. 

You leverage other blog’s audiences to your own advantage and increase your traffic by doing so. 

You can try checking websites like similar web to find where you can guest post and still be able to bring traffic to your website. 

A lot of people told me guest posting is dead, but I’m here to tell you it’s not.

It’s never been dead. You just have to look for those opportunities and catch them before other people do.

See the Bigger Picture

Almost everyone who has started a blog started it in order to make an income. I know I did.

So, if you’re one of those people, then all you have to do is take a step back and check what are your goals and how you can achieve them.

My goals include writing and posting 3 times per week, create an ebook, freebies, and courses to sell them. 

And these goals help me make more money and increase my traffic every time I work on them. 

So, list down your goals and see what will happen once you start concentrating on them. 

See the bigger picture.

All About Saving Your blog


Traffic is important, and yes, when it goes down you feel like shit, but that’s not the end of your world.

You will get where you want to get eventually, whether your traffic went down or up.

So, just sit down, relax, and concentrate on your goals.

People will eventually see the effort you’re pouring into your blog and will appreciate it.

So, how about some rest?

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