Tips On What Makes A Good Blog

Tips On What Makes A Good Blog

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When you first start a blog, the first thing that goes through your mind is how you can make it successful on what makes a good blog, well, good?

And if there is one thing that most bloggers agree on, is that a loyal and engaged audience is what makes a blog successful.

A blog is supposed to help readers learn something, or just enjoy their time. 

I personally consider a blog, anything that can help me connect with other people or learn something new. 

That means, that any website that shares blog posts where I can comment, engage, and share my opinion and learn something at the same time, is a good blog for me.

So, when starting a blog, I had the same vision.

I wanted to create a space for my audience to talk and connect, but learn something valuable at the same time.

And I’m not going to lie, it was hard at first.

It’s not easy convincing people to comment on your blog or to engage with you.

Sometimes you can get the highest traffic of your entire life, but still won’t be able to make people engage with you. 

When I first started my blog, the only people that were sharing my posts were me and my husband.

Yup, that’s right.

I didn’t have people sharing my posts, until later on in my blogging journey. 

So, how was I able to create a tribe and a loyal audience from scratch?

How was I able to make them subscribe to my email list even as a beginner?

How was I able to sell them whatever I was offering?

How did I learn what makes a good blog, good?

Those are the questions I’ll be sharing an answer to on this blog post.

So, if you’re curious, then just stick around.

What Makes A Good Blog

Blogging is a journey.

It has never been easy, and it will never be easy.

When I first started blogging, all I heard was “that blogging is dead. You can’t make money with blogging anymore.”

And guess what, those were all lies.

If you’ve got the will to make a blog, then you’ve got the will to make it money-making.

And that will is enough to make you create a tribe and an engaging audience which makes a good blog. 

Way before I started blogging, I came across Neil Patel’s blog.

Now I know, that there a lot of opinions surrounding the guy, but I personally think that he offers great advice.

Now anyway, when I started blogging, I noticed that Neil changed his strategy.

From blog posts, he decided to start sharing podcasts, and videos, and so on.

He no longer concentrated on writing content, and for a lot of people, that’s completely okay.

Neil already has a lot of followers, so, even when he changed his content, he didn’t lose too much, in fact, he won a lot of new other subscribers who didn’t value written content.

And again, that’s fine.

But, from my POV, I think written content is the best.

I’ll prefer reading something 10 times before I view or listen to it.

And that is why I no longer followed him.

So, blogging is a long journey.

Some people think that a blog can be podcast, some think, that it can be videos, but for me, I think it’s better if it’s written content.

I find myself better at expressing my ideas in written content, than it audio content. 

And yes, I’m biased because I’m a freelance writer.

But that’s what I believe, and it’s what’s been working for me. It’s what helped me grow my website, grow my audience, create a loyal tribe, and succeed.

So, if you want to learn how it worked for me, then here are my tips.

Reasons That Makes A Good Blog

What makes a good blog, a good one, is simply engaging content.

And that is what I’m going to explain next.

It’s going to take you some time, but you’ll learn that it’s very possible and very worth it. 

Write Frequently and Consistently 

In order to create a good blog, it’s important to have a lot of blog posts and write frequently.

Your audience needs to move from blog post to another, enjoy your blog posts, and find that your posts are valuable.

By writing frequently you’re going to have a lot of blog posts on your blog that will keep your readers entertained.

And by moving from a blog post to another, they’ll become more loyal and will become more engaged.

By writing frequently, you’re also going to have a schedule that your readers are going to remember and write down.

They’ll be waiting for you to post on a certain day, and will believe in you and in what you provide.

Posting frequently means you’re dedicated to the blog and want its best. So, make sure to get that keyboard working because you’ve got some writing to do.

Reply To Comments

I see a lot of bloggers out there ignoring comments and let me tell you, it’s not a good thing. 

Getting genuine comments is very important, and is very rare which is why you need to appreciate the readers that take the time of the day to write to you!

That is why you’ll have to respond and to reply to every genuine comment you’ve got.

Responding to genuine comments means you appreciate your readers and that you’re always available for them.

Believe me, people judge bloggers based on the comments.

I know I do. I’ve judged so many bloggers out there based on their comments. The first thing I see is if they respond to comments or not.

I know I’m not the only that does this, so, make sure to keep an eye on the comments.

You can check out my freebies in order to learn how to become a better blogger here.

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Create An Email List

By creating an email list, you’ll be able to create a loyal audience that always comes back for more.

Subscribers are usually people that are very interested in your content and want to see more, so, that is why it’s important to remind them by sending them emails.

Start by creating an email list, reminding people to subscribe to your newsletter, and start sending welcome emails and reminders for blog posts you post.

This way subscribers will take a look at your latest post will become loyal and will comment and engage with you more.

Be You

I can’t emphasize this enough, but being your own person is so attractive for a lot of people out there. 

There are a lot of bloggers who are just trying to copy other people and copy their vibes and personalities but guess what, we can tell when you’re being authentic and not.

I personally love people who are authentic and show who they really are even on their blogs.

You should never try to hide out or copy successful people out there.

Every person succeeds, because of who they are and the impression they leave on people, if you do that as well, then you’ll be successful too.

Help Your Audience

The best thing you can do to help your audience grow and help them become more loyal is by helping them.

Helping can be done in two ways, you can respond to their comments, emails, and requests and answer their questions.

Or you can create valuable blog posts that will genuinely help them out. I personally like to combine both which is why my audience is loyal.

They know I’m here to help them, and they consider my blog as their safe place.

All About What Makes A Good Blog

So, now that I gave you the secret to a good blog, the only thing left for you to do is create one!

I’ve learned these tips the hard way, but you don’t have to!

So, what are you going to do about them?

Let me know in the comments, and let me know if you’ve got other advice.

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