The Best Blog Post Frequency to Grow an Audience

The Best Blog Post Frequency to Grow an Audience

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If you’re a new blogger, then one of the things you’ve struggled with is finding your niche or what to blog about.

And now that you’ve finally found your niche and found topics to write, you’re facing the second biggest challenge of your blogging journey.

Do you have an idea of what it is? It’s simply a blogging schedule.

As a new blogger, you still have no idea when to blog and when to post. Should you post once a week, three-time a week, or every day? 

Is there a right number of blog posts you should publish per week or is there no number? How often should you post?

Can you relate to these questions? If yes, then this is the perfect guide for you.

When I started blogging on my first blog, I didn’t have a scheduling program. I just posted it whenever I want it.

Sticking to a schedule is very hard. I know it is because I still struggle to stick to my schedule even up until now.

So, I’m going to reveal a little secret for you, come close.. no, closer….. 

Posting schedules are different and change depending on the blog. There are different blog post frequencies and each blogger has one.

Some bloggers can post once in 4 months and their blog will still be booming. And some might post every day and their blog won’t be as successful.

Do you know why? Because each audience is different. Each audience wants something different.

Sometimes you can find that the blog posting frequency changes even though two blogs write in the same niche and have a similar audience.

That’s why you shouldn’t just copy a blog posting schedule just because they write in the same niche as you.

So, how can you find your very OWN posting frequency?

Determine Your Blogging Goals

If you’ve got a blog, then you certainly have a goal. Isn’t that right?

You didn’t just start this journey with no plan and goals in mind, right?

Your goals can be anything related to how successful you want your blog to be, to how often you want to post. 

Your goals can be related to how many marketing channels you’ll use, to how many people you want to reach for your content.

So, the goal you have in mind will help determine how much you should post per week, per month, or per year.

When I started Legrowthblog, my main goal was to build a community and a loyal base of followers.

In order to achieve that, I had to reach more people and get more traffic, and to reach more people, I had to post several times per week.

Which is why I post three times per week. And this blog posting frequency works very well for me.

Determine What  Your Audience Want

What your audience wants can be revealing as well.

Understanding your audience can be a bit difficult especially on your first days of blogging.

Are they teenagers? Are they grown-ups? Are they adults? And so on.

It can be hard determining every aspect of who your audience is and what they would like from you as a blogger.

Do they want you to post every day? Once a week? Three times per week? Or what exactly? 

Understanding your audience can take some time, even I wasn’t able to understand my audience for the first few months.

But, here’s a tip to help you out.

Create a Pinterest or a Facebook board and make it accessible for your audience to join.

That way you’ll be able to see how old your audience is, their gender, what they like, and even be able to ask them directly. 

Look At Your Needs

Another that will help you determine how many times you should post per week or per month or per year, is your needs.

If you’re a busy person who already has a lot of things on their plate to manage and can only afford few hours per day to manage your blog, then you won’t be able to post every day.

If you can’t post three times per week then do it. If you can’t then don’t.

But the least you could do is post once per month.

If you can post once per month, then you’ll be able to at least keep your audience excited once a month for what you have to say.

I have a lot of things on my plate currently.

While I’m writing this, I just finished two blog posts for a client, did my work on my full-time internship, preparing my internship’s final reporting, and managing my Pinterest in order to grow it.

I’ve got a very busy schedule yet I always try to take some time for blog post writing for my blog. My blog is what I love the most, and that is why I’m doing my best to stick to a schedule.

If your blog is your priority, then you will find some time for it.

Start Experimenting

If you did all this and you still can’t figure out how many times you should post for your blog, then all there is left for you to do is to experiment.

So, what do I mean by experimenting? I mean experimenting with different posting schedules.

The first one you should try is to post every day.

Try posting every day for at least one week or 14 days straight. If you see any improvement in traffic or in your ranking, then you should continue to post every day. 

This means that this posting schedule worked the best for you and is making your audience very happy. 

If it doesn’t work out for you, then you should try posting every time per week. This one of the most common posting schedules and a lot of blogs out there opt for this one.

If this one works the best for you and brings positive results, then stick to it, and try to post twice per week even.

If it doesn’t work out for you, then post monthly. If posting monthly brings positive results and makes your audience really happy, then stick to it. This posting schedule is less common but it does exist and is present.

If you can’t do this either or if it doesn’t work out for you, then post Bi-monthly. This one is even less common than the past ones we’ve mentioned but it does exist.

It’s especially used by big blogs who already consumed most topics.

About Blogging Schedules

These were my main tips in order to help you find a blogging schedule. 

Which one made more sense to you? And which ones did you like?

Let me know in the comments, let me know as well how many times do you post on your blog per month or per week?

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