How to Start a Business Blog in 3 Easy Steps

How to Start a Business Blog in 3 Easy Steps

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Are you trying to start your own business? 

Well, how about I let you on a little secret, you can actually start your a business blog to help your business succeed.

Yup. That’s right! Starting a business blog can actually help you start a business, a very successful one! 

When I started this blog, I had no idea what was waiting for me.

I’ve been blogging for 2 years now, I’ve started blogging with my first blog @creativelancing, but that failed, unfortunately.

And then I started this blog after years of research in order to make this journey worth it.

I didn’t know this blog would be this successful and bring me massive sales, and I certainly didn’t know that it would promote my writing services this much! 

So, what I’m basically trying to say, is that my blog, helped me grow my writing business, and it’s now encouraging me to start my own digital marketing agency.

Now I get emails all day from my readers asking me how they can start their business blog and grow it.

And well, today I’m going to answer your frequently asked questions! 

I’m going, to be honest, here, the best way to promote your business and grow your brand is by starting a blog.  

A blog can be used for promoting freelance writing like I do, for Pinterest management, selling courses, coaching, and so many other things!

This will help you grow your business, brand, and income.

I honestly think that starting a blog was the best decision I made.

I love writing, and I love helping people, so the best thing that I did was start a blog that combines both of these things.

I’ve come across a lot of blogs and business websites during my journey and here is my favorite: 

  • Avoori: They’re an all-in-one platform that helps people create websites easily.
  • EllDuclos: She’s a blogger who helps people grow their Pinterest views.
  • LeGrowthBlog: My blog which promotes my writing services

With these blogs, we are able to generate a great income and work full-time on something that we actually like.

So, without any further ado, here’s how to start a business blog, the RIGHT way. 

1. Find Out What You Want to Blog About

The first thing you need to find out about your business is your niche and what kind of content you actually want to share. 

It goes without saying that your blog’s niche should be the same if not slightly different than your business’s niche. 

If you’re blogging about Pinterest, then who’s going to want to buy from your e-commerce store?

These two niches just won’t get aligned and won’t help you generate sales.

Now don’t get me wrong, starting a blog is hard.

Blogging is a vague niche, and sometimes it’ll take you a set of trial and error before you find the right content that will drive sales.

Sales aren’t easily generated and so is content, that’s why it’s going to take you some time before you actually find the specific paying niche for your business.

So, there are two main things you can do for your blog’s content: 

  • Write in your paying niche
  • Write about your service

If you’re offering writing services like I am, write about freelance writing & blogging.

If you’re a digital agency, write about marketing and SEO.

If you’re doing Pinterest management, write about Pinterest, and so on. 

So, here are my tips to find the niche that will suit you better and that will help you generate money: 

  • Find out what you’re experienced in: The first thing you need to figure out is what you’re good at doing. Some people are better in social media, some are better in SEO, some in writing, some in web development, and so on. You don’t have to be good in all of them, you just have to be good at one of them to make money.


  • What you’re passionate about: If you love writing, then there’s a 100% chance you’ll do better in writing. If you love web development, then there’s a 100% chance you’ll do great in web development-related articles. Choosing what you’re passionate about will also mean that you’ll spend more time learning and researching what you’ll be writing about which means better & genuine content.


  • Find out if the niche profitable: Let’s face it, some niches are profitable and some are not. Some niches bring more money than others and some don’t bring any money. So, if your niche doesn’t bring money, then no matter how passionate you are about it, you’ll end up losing hope.

2. Choose Your Domain Name

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The second most important step in starting a business blog is your domain.

Your domain name is more important than you think. It’s actually the most important thing about your blog. 

Your domain name says a lot of things about you and your business blog.

If the blog’s name is then it automatically says that the blog will handle writing topics. 

When I started my blog it failed, one of the reasons was my blog’s name.

I thought it represented “creative & freelancing” very well, but I was quick to find out that it wasn’t the case.

People didn’t get my domain name and weren’t interested in getting to know it.

So, one of the decisions I made with this blog, was to make the domain name more “representative” and more “clear”.

Which is why I chose  “legrowthblog”. It’s clear that my website is a blog and oriented towards growth.

Now, this helps people realize that I’m going to help them grow and help them learn new tricks through my blog.

So, here’s what to keep in mind when choosing a domain name: 

  • It should be easy to read & to spell 
  • It should be short 
  • When in doubt, choose something classic or choose your name as a domain name
  • It doesn’t exist elsewhere even in social media. When promoting your blog, you’ll be using social media a lot, that is why you should make sure it doesn’t exist anywhere so that people can find you easily. 

And that’s about it.

3. Choose Your Blogging Platform 

Your blogging platform is also very important in setting up your blog.

Choosing a trustworthy platform for your blogging journey is as important as choosing your domain name.

Choosing the wrong platform can actually send you down the hill in a journey full of bumps that will make you hate blogging and everything related to it.

I know this because I’ve been there.

When I started my first blog Creativelancing, I heard a lot of people speak about WordPress.

How WordPress is this ray of sunshine that will make everything easy and will help you set up the perfect blog.

Little did I know, all of those were lies.

I’m not tech-savvy. WordPress is not for people who are not TECH-SAVVY and who don’t have the budget to HIRE a web developer, please note this! 

So, that’s why I couldn’t continue blogging in Creativelancing.

WordPress just wasn’t for me. On the other hand, Avoori was, and the great news is, their websites are powered by WordPress.

I chose Avoori as my blogging platform, and honestly, it was the best decision I did. You can choose it as well and start your EASY to create a website (powered by WordPress). 

And that’s about it.

All About “How to Start a Business Blog”

Starting a business blog can be an overwhelming journey, but it’s definitely worth it.

If you want to succeed, then all you have to do is follow these three steps and everything will clear out along the way.

So, now what?

Now all you have to do is check my fun-to-read guides for new bloggers or new freelance writers out there.

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Lots of love! 


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