How to Start a Blog With No Money in 2020

How to Start a Blog With No Money in 2020

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Hi, there fellow bloggers.

Are you wondering how to start a blog with no money?

Then don’t worry, Legrowthblog is going to show you how!

Not long ago I was a beginner as well and have struggled to create my website. 

I didn’t have any technical background, and didn’t know what HTML, Javascript, C++ or anything else meant! 

But I was still able to create my own blog and bring traffic.

So how did I start my own blog and managed myself to get to this point?

In this article, I’m going to take you, step by step, through the basics of starting a blog for beginners.

How to Start a Blog With No Money in 5 Easy Steps.

The first struggle you’re facing right now is what platform you’re going to choose to set up your blog.


If that’s the case, then sit down and rest assured, you’re in the right place.

I created a website from scratch without any technical knowledge and without any struggles.

You won’t need to hire a developer if you don’t want to. 

This tutorial is made especially for people that are on a tight budget. 

I didn’t hire a developer and look where I’m at now! 

A full-time blogger with a cute as a button blog that drives a lot of traffic. 

So, here are the steps of how I did it, so you can do it too.

  1. Choose a domain name and a website builder
  2. Create a great design for your blog
  3. Create your essential pages
  4. Develop content & marketing strategy
  5. Start creating useful content that serves readers

Now that you know how many steps it took me, all you have to is follow my lead and continue reading. 

Since I’m not tech-savvy, this will be one of the simplest blogs you’ll ever come across. 

It’s been created in the best way possible that will help you leave this blog with the basic knowledge of how to start a blog with no money.

Choose a Domain Name And a Website Builder

Now if you’re just starting out and want to test the waters, you’ll probably want a free option out there like WordPress or Blogger.

These options will help you test the waters and get familiar with some techniques that will make your blog look professional in the future.

But, if you’re thinking long term, then the sooner you choose a paid platform, the better.


Because those free options won’t help you make money.

So if you want to start a blog to gain money afterwards, you’re going to have to choose a domain name provider and a website builder.

And believe me or not, they won’t cost that much!

But before we talk about any of them, let’s talk about the name you should choose for your website.

The name you choose should reflect what you do.

 When I was thinking about starting my own blog I went through a hell lot of names.

None of them seemed to reflect what I’m going to do with it.

 But “Legrowthblog” just seemed like the right choice.

It combines “growth” & “blog” which is what I want to let people learn through articles.

And that is what you’d want with your domain name, something short, easy to remember, and catchy;

Make sure you avoid any marks or camas in your name because they can be hard to remember!

Just like your name, your domain name is what’s going to let people remember you.

Your domain name will let you rank on search engine results when people will search for your website.

If you choose a free option like Blogger or, then your name will appear like this:

But if you choose a hosting provider, and a paid option, your name is going to appear like:

So what is a website builder?

Instead of creating your website with WordPress and going through all of the struggles of learning how to create a website, website builders do it all for you.

They help you set up a whole website in a matter of days without any struggle. 

There are so many great website builders out there to get you starting.

But my personal favorite is Avoori. Why?

Because of these 5 factors: 

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Support
  • Features

Choose a Design & a Theme for Your Blog

Now onto the physical and visual aspect of ” how to start your blog with no money”, which is the design, theme & even logo of your website.

To design your blog you should keep in mind that everything about it should represent an aspect of your blog.

The colors should represent your persona and the kind of services you offer.

The fonts you’ll be using are also important.

They should give an idea about what kind of vibe you want to give off.

Let’s not forget about the logo which of course, should be catchy & interesting.

If you’re using Avoori, then you’ll be surprised at how many themes it has that are related to blogging. 

Plus, they’re free.

But, make sure to customize the theme very well because you don’t want to look the same as other users!

Your blog has to look unique so it can stand out from the rest. 

Create Your Essential Pages

I think this is very obvious but I’m still going to list it down anyway.

When you create your blog the first thing you should figure out are the essential pages that you want your website to show.

For example, when I started mine, I started with the home page, blog, about us & contact us page for hiring purposes! 

Who knows maybe, later on, I’ll list down another 2 essential pages that are services & courses.

That is why you should think about what you want appearing on your website.

Think exactly what to do in each one of your pages because they’re as important as your blog section!

Develop Content & A Marketing Strategy

Developing your content & marketing strategy is one of the most important steps you should focus on after you start your blog.

I mean, how are you going to drive traffic to your blog without a marketing strategy?

You can check out my freebies in order to learn how to become a better blogger here.

start a blog with no money

But anyway, to develop your content & marketing strategy you need to get to know your readers first.

Get to know what they like, they don’t like, which topics interest them, etc.

You should basically analyze your niche and find out where they hang out.

If they like anyone of your rivals figure out why,and figure out how you can surpass them.

Your marketing strategy, of course, is the one that’ll be in charge of advertising your blog and bringing out readers!

It will help you convert them into loyal ones in the long run.

So you should figure out what kind of messages you want to circulate for your blog.

Your messages are very important because they’re a clear indicator of what your blog will be about.

There are a lot of things to consider in your marketing strategy. 

One of those things is Their psychographics & demographics.

With this component, you’ll be able to figure out which kind of messages will influence them the best.

And just like this guide is about how to start a blog with no money, I’ll be suggesting free platforms where you can promote your blog, and they are:

  • Medium
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

Start Creating Useful Content That Serves Readers

Now we reach the end of this article on how to start a blog with no money, and I’m going to end it with one killing advice –hopefully-.

Readers aren’t interested in who you are as much as they are interested in what you do & how you can help them!

When researching on google, I rarely pay attention to who is writing the article as much as I pay attention to what the article is about!

So if you want to be useful and stand out from the rest, you should give quality content that serves the readers.

It doesn’t matter how famous you are, the only thing that will matter is how helpful you can be.

So make sure you give equal attention to all of your articles.

Make sure that they are interesting and that they’re what your niche is looking for!

And always remember, consistency is what’ll help your blog grow.

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Lots of love! 


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