How To Pin To A Group Board On Pinterest

How To Pin To A Group Board On Pinterest

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Pinterest is the most important tool for bloggers out there.

It has been people’s favourite since the day it started, and it’s getting more important by the day.

Some bloggers out there don’t work as much on their SEO as they do on Pinterest.

That’s because Pinterest can help you get the views you’ve never dreamed of.

Pinterest has now 335 million active users every month.

And the advantage of this is that Pinterest users use it in order to find websites they like.

Unlike Facebook & Twitter, Pinterest users know they’ll be redirected to a website when clicking on a pin, and that’s the beauty of it.

Any sane blogger who’s got ambition will use Pinterest.

I’ve been using it since the day I started blogging and I can proudly say, that my main source of traffic is from Pinterest.

It brings me a decent amount of users every day, and every month.

These users help me make a decent income and help me afford the life that I’m living in.

If you came here from Pinterest, then you already know its importance and use.

But for new people who are using Pinterest, this blog post IS FOR YOU.

Why Should You Use Pinterest?

There are a lot of reasons that would drive you to use Pinterest, but here are the main ones:

Pinterest Is One of The Largest Social Networks In The U.S

If your main audience is from the U.S, then it’d only be normal to target them using Pinterest.

Pinterest has held in 2019 the third place in the largest social networks in the US topping Snapchat.

It comes in the third place after Facebook and Instagram, and if you consider YouTube as a social network, then, in that case, it holds the fourth place.

All the more reasons to use Pinterest. 

Pinterest’s User Base Grew by 26% from 2018 to 2019

Yes, that is right.

In over 12 months, Pinterest quickly gained +70 million monthly active users.

These active users mean they are using Pinterest consistently and that they’re pinning actively.

That means that Pinterest has 335 million users that are discovering new websites and things.

From recipes to products, Pinterest welcomes every new concept and every new pin.

And every new pin gets discovered by these users.

It’s Considered As The 10th Most Relevant Brand

Pinterest is not on top of social networks for nothing.

It actually reached this success by being one of the most relevant brands out there.

In Prophet Brand Relevance Index of 2019, Pinterest was placed in the 10th position next to companies like Disney, Spotify, and Apple. 

It’s actually the only social platform that made it at the top ten and it also ranks first in the “makes me feel inspired” survey. 

This is because Pinterest’s main audience and users is Women. 

Women make up for 70% to 80% of consumer spending which makes Pinterest the perfect platform to make them feel inspired and make them spend more bucks. 

Pinterest Made $1 Billion in Revenue in 2019 

If that wasn’t enough, then know that Pinterest made $1 billion 2019 ONLY.

The platform has grown overall 51% from 2018 to 2019 since it has grown 23% in this year.

It had also a spike in growth when it comes to demands from new advertisers and business owners who try to advertise their business with pins on Pinterest. 

43% Of U.S ‘s Internet Users Have a Pinterest Account

This adds up to the point we mentioned earlier.

If your audience is from the U.S, then Pinterest is perfect for you.

According to the study and survey linked in the heading, 43% of Internet users in the U.S have a Pinterest account.

This means that you have 43% more chance to target the audience you want by using Pinterest if they’re from the U.S.

Shopping Is A Priority For Half Of Pinterest Users

If you have a business that you want to make money off, then Pinterest is the perfect platform.

According to the survey, 48% of Pinterest users have shopping as a top priority.

This means they use Pinterest to find out what they want to buy or to make a purchase decision.

By pinning vigorously, these users can easily find out what they’re looking for.

How To Pin To A Group Board On Pinterest

To pin to a group board on Pinterest you first have to use Pinterest.

And honestly, using Pinterest for your business is quite easy.

There are mainly three steps that you have to follow:

  1. Create An Account 
  2. Optimize The Account And Make It Follow Your Brand
  3. Start Pinning 

But there are some users out there who go above and beyond.

So, I get this question a lot and it’s “how to pin to a group board on Pinterest”. 

This question is quite easy and the answer lies within 2 steps or less. 

  • First, create the pin you want to pin. 
  • Then, go to the top menu where you’ll find a “+”.
  • Click on it.
  • Choose the kind of pin you want to upload.


You’ll be redirected to this page:

how to pin to a group board on pinterest

  • Upload the pin you want to use
  • Fill in the title, description and link
  • Then choose the board you want to use by clicking on top “select” like the picture shows:

how to pin to a group board on pinterest 2

  • Once you choose the board you want to pin to click Publish

And that’s how you’ll pin to the board you want on Pinterest.

In order to pin on a Pinterest board, you first have to have access to it either by creating it or by asking someone to let you join another board as a collaborator.

Once you have access to the board, they’ll show up in the menu after you click “select”.

And that’s how Pinterest basically works and that will answer your “how to pin to a group board on Pinterest” question. 

All About How To Pin To A Group Board On Pinterest

This will be the end of our guide on how to pin to a group board on Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the most important platforms to use as a blogger, especially if you’re a food blogger.

A lot of moms use it to get inspired and to find recipes to cook for their children.

That’s what I noticed from working as a community manager for a food brand, and let me tell you, their Pinterest profile has reached millions of impressions.

So, have you ever used Pinterest?

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Lots of love! 


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