Are Blogs Still A Thing?

Are Blogs Still A Thing?

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I think we all at one point research good to know if blogs are still a thing.

I mean, I did before I started mine! 

Before I started my blog, I would wonder all the time “are blogs still a thing?”

And, unfortunately, I didn’t find the right answer to my question.

Yes, people were saying that blogging isn’t dead, but there were also other people saying that blogging IS dead.

And as a beginner, I didn’t know who to believe.

So, I said to hell with it and started my own blog to figure out if blogging is dead.

Safe to say, my first blog died horribly and I was going to give up completely on blogging.

But I didn’t! 

I said, to hell with it, again, and started LeGrowthBlog, and, it’s been amazing.

For the first time in 2 years, I can finally say, without any shadow of a doubt, that blogging ISNT’T DEAD.

So, are blogs still a thing?


But how am I going to convince you with that fact? Well, that’s what this blog post is all about.

There are a lot of people out there who are thinking about starting a blog but are still not sure about it.

And there are also a lot of people who have started a blog but failed miserably about it

And, there are those who have never blogged before, but still claim that blogging is dead.

So, should you believe me? Should you believe them? Should you believe in yourself?

I’d say the first and the last one, but it’s up to you to decide.

Is Blogging Important?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. Blogging is extremely important.

Blogging has been present on the web since its first days, and it’s still present up until today.

Blogging is still one of the most important types of marketing, a very efficient one.

Blogging is considered a type of content marketing, if not all of it.

It’s about sharing information with others in order to convince them of your product or of your service.

I have worked with several companies before, and all of them hired me for blog writing.

I’ve written over 1000 blog posts in these three years of freelance writing, and I can safely say that 80% of what I have written are blog posts.

That is because there are still a lot of users out there who prefer written content over videos.

It is true that after video marketing became a thing, and vlogging became a thing, a lot of bloggers have lost their traffic and finally decided to switch.

But if you take a look at the web, and especially videos, you’ll find that people are over flooding video platforms with nonsense and no longer care about sharing valuable information.

The competition now lies within creating beautiful graphics & videos without giving any sh*t about content.

And that’s completely normal when you’ve got a segment of people who only care about graphics.

But, for people who care about content, blogging is always important.


Because finding information through written content, is much easier than finding information with video content.

And that is why a lot of companies still use blog posts and still use content marketing.

Are Blogs Still A Thing?

Yes, blogs are still a thing.

And here’s why

Blogs Provide Clear Information

With a blog, you’re able to communicate information in a more efficient way.

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to explain SEO in video content and failed at it while I’ve written a very great guide on my blog.

A lot of people out there have a way with words that makes it easier for them to write a blog post than to explain it on videos.

Also, blogs make people concentrate better.

All those colors on videos might be great to catch attention, but if they take all the attention?

On bogs, there’s no such thing as a distraction.

All of your blogs are oriented toward giving information rather than impressing visitors with graphics.

And that is why blogs deliver better & more clear information.

Blogs Rank Better on Google

To be honest, few are the times where I’ve searched something on Google and a video ranked on top.

80% of the time I do research, a blog post appears on the first page, and on the first position.

Rare are the times where I got to see a video, and that only happens when blogs haven’t provided enough information.

That is why it’s better to write blog posts than to post videos.

Using videos might be great if your segment only cares about graphics.

But if your segment or niche only likes valuable information, then it’s for sure that they use Google or other big search engines to find answers.

And that means the first things they see are blogs, and that’s why you should be using them as well.

Better SEO

With blogs, you simply have more control over SEO, whether you believe it or not.

Using blogs mean you have more control over:

  • Backlinks that send back to your blog and that can bring you traffic
  • Your website speed and overall user experience
  • Mobile optimization in order for mobile users to stay on your website
  • More keyword implementation (all over your content, meta description, headings, title, and permalink) 
  • Your blog can combine both video content & written content which means better SEO 

And that is why blogs rank better on search engines.

You’re Not Dependent Of Other Platforms

The main problem with platforms like YouTube or social media is, you’re highly dependent on them.

You can’t build a video content channel or a platform on them without being depending on them.

And that’s why blogs are different.

Blogs aren’t dependent on search engines, they’re not dependent on other platforms in order to be relevant, they’re just there.

One day if Google disappears, your blog will still exist.

One day if Bing disappears, your blog will also still exist.

If YouTube dies, your blog will also still exist.

And that’s an advantage that YouTubers and Vloggers don’t have.

Once the platform they’re using goes away, their content will also go away and other users won’t be able to find them.

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So, Are Blogs Still A Thing?

It’s safe to say now that yes, blogs are still a thing.

How about you? Do you think they’re still a thing after everything I mentioned, or are you still lost?

One last thing I’d like to mention is, no one is going to do this for you.

If you want to blog, do it, and if you don’t want to, don’t do it.

No one is going to take the risk for you, and no one is going to grow your blog for you.

That is why, if you’re planning on starting a blog, make sure to dedicate all the time in the world for it.

And once you do it, you’ll find out that blogs ARE still a thing.

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