50 SEO Topic Ideas for Writing Your Next Blog Post

50 SEO Topic Ideas for Writing Your Next Blog Post

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The first time I created a blog, the only thing I kept thinking about was being #1 on Google.

It seemed like a faraway dream but little did I know, it was going to happen.

Being number #1 on Google means a lot of things.

It means that Google trusts you, that your users love you, that your content is a high-quality one, and that you have the most traffic.

If you’ve got a blog that you want to monetize and make money from, then having the #1 position on Google is a dream come true.

It’ll bring you a lot of traffic, and that traffic will turn into money eventually. So, it is really a dream come true for those who want to make money from blogging.

But, here’s a thing you should know, being #2, #3, or even number 10 on the first-page google is always good because number 1 always brings more traffic than the second or third one.

So, if you’re able to make it to the first page on Google, then consider it a success. 

But to do that, you need to learn SEO, and SEO can be one of the hardest things to learn as a beginner. 

Finding the right keywords and the right title for your blog can be very hard.

But honestly, if you can just improve your speed, getting more backlinks, and provide valuable content, then you’ll be able to rank.

It might be hard to believe, but what helps other bloggers outrank on the first page of Google isn’t keyword research, it’s their web site’s structure and SEO friendliness.

But anyway, I’m still going to help you learn more about keywords and how to use them correctly as a beginner. 

It might be hard at first to master these tips, but you will as time goes by. 

The Keywords to Choose As A Beginner 

As a beginner, there are a lot of keywords to choose from, but I bet what you like the most are short-tail keywords.

For some reason, they just seem better, and convey the message better, right?

Well, wrong. 

As a beginner, the keywords you should be concentrating on are longtail ones. 

Longtail keywords are long phrases that people use when searching for a certain topic but that are still precise. 

Something like: SEO for beginners is a long-tail keyword. But this one has a lot of searches and has a lot of competitors.

That’s why you need to go for longer. Something like: SEO tips for beginners in 2020. This one is a longtail keyword as well that has fewer searches.

But if you’re a beginner, here’s what I suggest, only use long-tail keywords who have from 100 to 500 searches because those are the ones that you will be able to rank for.

Once google starts to see how trustworthy you are as a blogger and how committed you are, you’ll slowly be able to rank for better keywords who have more searches.

You can use a lot of tools to help you out on this mission. I personally use keywords every day and other free tools. Ubbersuggest is a good one as well although I’m not sure it gives accurate results.

You can choose whatever tool you like, what’s most important is that it gets the job done.

So, for today I’m going to mainly suggest topics related to freelancing & blogging because those are my two main niches, so, if you operate in these niches, go ahead and choose one. If not, then replace some of the keywords and check if that question or keyphrase has already been asked. 

300-400 searches a month:

  • How losing a job affects relationships 
  • Gifts for people who have lost a job 
  • How to be a successful freelancer 
  • How to deal with difficult clients
  • Freelancer-client relationship
  • Organizing as a freelancer
  • Freelance writer blog
  • Freelancer writer newsletters 
  • Freelance writing classes 

100-300 searches a month:

  • What legal rights does a blogger have
  • What is a freelance writer
  • How to deal with a long-term client
  • How to co blog
  • How to deal with limited-budget clients
  • What to ask a client 
  • How to be a good freelance writer
  • Why is good work important for freelancers
  • What is it like to be a foster parent
  • Letter to a client from  a freelancer
  • Freelancer schedule
  • Freelance writer survival kit
  • Freelance writer struggles
  • Freelance writer gifts
  • Will I be a good freelancer
  • Failing as a freelancer
  • Freelancer workshop ideas
  • Freelance writing webinars

300-400 searches a month:

  • Freelancing styles definition
  • Freelancing techniques
  • Freelancing tips  beginners
  • Freelancing goals
  • Freelancing courses

100-300 searches a month:

  • Freelancing lessons
  • Freelancing mistakes
  • Freelancing as a mother
  • Freelancing practices
  • Freelancing journal
  • Freelancing problems
  • Freelancing as a SAHM
  • Freelancing challenges
  • What it’s like to be a freelance writer
  • Freelance writing practices
  • Freelancing writing journal
  • Freelancing writing problems
  • Freelancing as a student
  • Student making money
  • Make money as a college student
  • Stay at home mom freelancing
  • SAHM freelancing
  • Jobs to make money at home as a college student

Pinterest Topic Ideas

SEO is very important whether you realize it or not.

When I was just a beginner, I didn’t realize what SEO was and what I had to do to make my website grow.

And most importantly, I stayed baffled when I saw that my website didn’t get any traffic and didn’t bring me any visitors.

It was hard to believe that after all my efforts, nothing changed. 

But, if you follow the advice I gave in this blog, trust me you will notice a change.

So, let’s talk more about Pinterest now.

If you have a Pinterest account then you’ll know how helpful it is in terms of content and in terms of topic ideas.

Every time I’m struggling to get an idea for content, all I have to do is take a look at Pinterest and voilà, now I know what to write. 

So, all you have to do is take a look at these topics I’ve included above, insert them in Pinterest, and see if people are talking about them.

If they are, then take a look at how you can improve their content and what to add. If not, then congratulations, you just came up with a new blog post idea that doesn’t exist elsewhere.

All About SEO topics Ideas

These were my main tips and topics I have for you in order to find what you can write about. 

Let me know in the comments how you come up with topic ideas for your blog! I’d love to hear them!

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Lots of love! 



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