4 Strong tactics to Promote Content As a New Blogger

4 Strong tactics to Promote Content As a New Blogger

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Back when I first started my blog, everything seemed exciting.  

I was creating a blog post after blog post, pin after pin, and comment after comment.

I created a schedule for blog posting, 3 pins for every blog post, chose image headers for every post, and thought I had everything planned.

But, there is one thing that I forgot to plan, and it’s how I’ll be promoting my content.

I only had one thing in mind, and it’s that I’ll be sharing on social media and that’s it! Voilà.

I’ll go boom the second I post it on social media and my friends share it.

Boy how I was wrong.

I didn’t have a strategy in mind, and it’s what made my growth slow. That is something that I regret up until today, but at least now I know what to do.

If you’re anything like I was, a new blogger, no plan in mind, but still want to be successful, then this is the blog post for you.

You’ll learn how to promote your blog posts and have people reading it besides you and your family.

It’s important to have a strategy in mind to promote your content or it won’t make it to other people’s newsfeed and become popular. 

My blog posts now get a lot of views the moment I post them because I was able to create a strategy and stick to it.

So, are you ready too?

Why No One Is Reading Your Blog Post

When I started my blog post, I was sure everyone will read it and that I’ll get a loyal audience quickly.

But guess what, that’s wasn’t the case!

Apparently, there were so many things to do and so many things to consider including SEO and keyword research.

I didn’t know what SEO was, I didn’t know what a strategy was, all I knew was that when I hit publish, I’ll get an audience.

At least, that’s what incompetent other blogs made me feel that was going to happen.

And it didn’t! 

Now I know one thing, is that an audience takes a lot of time to build.

But most importantly, it takes a lot of time to find.

Before you create a publishing strategy and expect traffic, you’ll first have to find out where your audience is.

Once you find out where your audience hangs out, all of your efforts will pay off.

  • More people will be coming to your blog post.
  • More people will be signing in to your newsletter.
  • A lot of people will comment & engage, and so on.

But, it’s going to take time, and a lot of patience, so, do you think you can do it? 

If you think you’re capable of doing it, then here my tips on how to create a blog promotion strategy.

Things To Do After You Hit Publish

Now I’m going to say this to be completely honest, blogging is 80% marketing and 20% writing.

Those big bloggers you see out there? 100% self-made marketers, if not graduated as ones! 

Blogging is going to take you a lot of time because you’re going to have to learn marketing on your own.

Yes, writing high-quality content is good and it’s going to help you out, but what’s more important is creating a marketing strategy that will help you grow. 

After you stick to a marketing strategy, you’ll find out that 80% of your traffic, comes from 20% of your work, and that’s when you can take a break. 

The Pareto principle works almost for everything, and it’s quite effective. 

20% of my content, brings me 80% of traffic, and the same goes for my marketing strategy. 

When I started legrowthblog, I knew I had to concentrate on one thing, or two at max. So, I concentrated on Pinterest & SEO.

And it paid off. So, my first advice is this.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is very important if you plan on making your blog successful. Pinterest is a blogger’s best friend and the sooner you use it, the sooner your content can take off and become successful.

When I started Pinterest, my pins didn’t make me a lot of traffic and didn’t bring many visitors, but as I started pinning more and concentrating my efforts on it, my pins took off.

They really did! Now almost 50% of my traffic comes from Pinterest.

It doesn’t matter what niche are you writing in, almost all niches do well on Pinterest, there’s everything for everyone.

So, why not start now?

Create An Email List

Email lists are amazing, they can really make a difference once you start using them.

On my first bog, I didn’t realize the importance of email lists, they were just another “uh” for my blog.

But, the moment I set up one and used popups, my website & blog, bloomed.

A lot of my visitors subscribed to my email list, and that’s when I noticed the difference it could make.

One email had the possibility to bring half of the traffic you get on your blog post for the first 48 hours.

You don’t have to make every email about your blog posts.

All you have to do is share value on your emails, and then use a third of those emails to promote your blog post.

Believe me, it’s effective.

Use Social media

A lot of people don’t realize the importance of social media, but I do, and I’m going to tell you why.

Social media has a lot of users, and most importantly, a lot of traffic opportunities.

Social media can be the hidden goldmine if used well, especially if you find where your audience is hidden.

I personally love Pinterest & Facebook, but Twitter & LinkedIn are great as well.

So, choose 1 or 2 of social media out there and use them for your social media strategy.

Here’s a list of social media platforms that you can use:

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter 

Create An Infographic

Some people are just too lazy to read a blog post, that’s why you need to help them out by creating an infographic.

Infographics are quite helpful in making you bring traffic.

They make your content easier to understand, they’re easier to pin, and they hook readers.

So, that’s why it’s important to use Infographics if you can and if you’ve got time to create ones. 

So, what do you think?

All About Promoting Your New Blog

If you have a blog that you want to promote, then following these tips will help you out a lot.

I personally use them to promote all my latest blog posts and it worked quite well.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let me know in the comments what you want me to write about next time, and which tip was your favorite.

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